Harrowing details of a sodomized Aquinas High School form 1 student, now on pampers.

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Demonstrations against sexual assault at Aquinas Boys High School {Photo: Courtesy}

At Aquinas Boys High School, this year, a 16-year-old form 1 student almost committed suicide after another student forcefully turned him into a wife for the night, sexually assaulting him and leading to severe anal pain.

The boy is now pleading with his mother not to take him to the same school again, multiple sources have confirmed.

In a chilling narration, Children’s rights activist Ndugu Nyoro, who is also the founder of Affecto, a popular Kenyan foundation that sponsors academics of needy students, took Kenyans through the dramatic bizzare from the day he was sexually molested to doctor’s confirmation.

The student picked him on Sunday night and forcefully had anal sex with him, making him sick and causing severe pain during defecation.

Feeling mentally tortured, the form 1 student contemplated suicide.

“Meanwhile the form 1 boy almost committed suicide because of what he went through. A student made him his wife for a night,” narrates Ndugu Nyoro.

When his class teacher noticed he was sick, inquired and learnt of the painful ordeal, he pretended he had school fees balance and gave him a leave out to go home for a checkup.  

“His class teacher upon noticing he was very sick for days pretended he had school fees balance (which wasn’t the case) and released him to go home so he could be checked,” Nyoro added.

When the boy arrived home, the class teacher advised his parents to take him to hospital, Nyoro says.

“I have a recording of him advising the boys mum to take him to hospital.”

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It was at the hospital where the parents confirmed, after medical examination, that their son had indeed been sexually assaulted.

Speaking to a clinical officer at Avenue Hospital in Thika, while filling a Post Rape Care Form for survivors of rape, the boy reported that the he was sodomized on a Sunday night, 30th January, by an unrecognized student.

No photo description available.

Nyoro adds that unfortunately, when he sought the school’s opinion about the matter, everyone refused to respond, many claiming the matter was knew to them.

“Everybody from Aquinas High School that I have talked to (teachers) is pretending that this matter is very new to them,” posted Nyoro. “I think the saddest bit is that Aquinas High School seems to be hiding the boy who messed the form one student’s life.”

Unconfirmed sources have also revealed that the sodomized boy is now being wrapped with pampers.

Thousands of Kenyans have come out to condemn the violent, many calling for immediate action against the school, teachers and perpetrator.

Chelabrinex Salvador ,“The assaulting student shd get a bullet, I can imagine such happening to my child,I can’t live with that. I can’t I can’t. Too painful”

 Din Din, “Now this is sickening. I’m fearing for my brothers who are yet to attend the so called ‘high’ schools. Only death of the perpetrator(s) will come close to healing the victim and his family. The same act should be reciprocated on them b4 sending them to their creators.”

Since this painful act occured, Nyoro has been receiving horrifying messages of parents confirming how their children have been suffering the same in their schools.

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