Brace for heavy rains, Government warns Kenyans.

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An awareness has been issued that the rainy season starting in March will have more rainfall than usual.

The government’s department in charge of climate change in the IGAD region (ICPAC) has said the rains will be witnessed majorly in the Western parts of Kenya from March to May.

The rains are expected to cause flooding and landslides. According to the report, there will be a severe cold in the West during the three-month rainy season.

Meanwhile, parts of Eastern Kenya will receive less rainfall and less dry summers. Ewaso Ngiro, Tana and Athi rivers are expected to overflow and break their banks. Similar incident is expected at Lakes Kerio and Turkwel.

Residents living near Lake Victoria have also been warned that water levels in the lake will rise and cause flooding and damage to infrastructure.

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