Fiona Juma dies after exposing lack of Oxygen at Mbagathi Hospital

Photo of Fiona Juma inside Mbagathi Hospital on July 30, 2021, few hours before her death

Fiona Juma, a Kenyan woman, died hours after she posted on Facebook lamenting about her inability to get oxygen at Mbagathi Hospital.

In a short post done at 3.51a.m on 30th July 2021, accompanied by a photo of herself inside the hospital’s ward, Fiona began by speaking about her death before going ahead to expose how, for days, she has been struggling in vain to get oxygen.

“If this is my last post; then, God I want to say thank you to everyone who has been there for me ever since I contacted COVID-19. I have been to Mbagathi hospital, where I have been trying to get oxygen for hours & days,” she posted.

Making public how severe her case was, she added that “My oxygen levels are 52 at the moment…”

Fiona went ahead to expose the dire state of the facility, many dyeing moments after moments in her presence while those still alive unable to get oxygen; “…they are telling me there’s no oxygen completely. I have seen people die right before my eyes; not one or two people. It’s now 3.51a.m as I writing this.”

She went ahead to appeal for help saying that “I am kindly requesting any doctors who happen to have oxygen to please help us…PLEASE!!!”

Unfortunately, just as she had hinted, it was her last post under the sun. Few hours later, news of her death began going viral.  

Kenyans, including her friends and family members, have been left bewildered by the status quo at the hospital. Many are now calling out the Ministry of health for their incompetency that continues to leave many sick Kenyans suffering.

“Fiona Juma died today due to lack of oxygen at Mbagathi hospital. Meanwhile Devki had offered to supply free oxygen to all hospitals but MoH refused that offer because they want to purchase and loot money through procurement scams,” Posted Cyprian Is, Nyakundi.

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