Despite his shortfalls, Mummar Gaddafi did a lot to Lybians.

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Photo Courtesy: Former President of Lybia the late Muammar Gaddafi

Despite his shortfalls, according to many, Muammar Gaddafi remains one of the best leaders Africa will miss forever. The man did alot, especially in Libya.

Under Gaddafi’s reign, Education, electricity and medical treatment were all free. He lowered the price of Petrol, raised the level of education and gave bursaries (500$) to any woman who gives birth.

During his reign, Libya boasted as one of the best healthcare services in the Middle East and Africa.

Also, if a Libyan citizen could not access the desired educational course or correct medical treatment in Libya they were funded to go abroad. Am yet to see an African leader who has achieved this. Maybe in future, but for now, no one!

In 2010, Gaddafi ignited his great dream and push for a united Africa; “United States of Africa”.

He had been pushing for an African unity government for years, saying it was the only way Africa could develop without Western interference. In that regard, he also wanted to detach his oil sales from the dollar.

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